Class Store

 How to Earn DollarsHow to Lose Dollars
Caught being kind by the teacher$1.00Late homework$1.00
Each A on test$1.00Talking$1.00
Turning in corrected assignment$1.00Not following procedures$1.00
Attending after school elementary events$2.00Messy locker$1.00
No late assignments for a week$2.00Messy desk$1.00
Returning notes / parent signature slips$2.00Sharpen pencil during lesson$1.00
Each A on the report card$5.00Using restroom during class$1.00
Earning 1-5 AR points per quarter$1.00Not taking care of school property$1.00
Earning 6-10 AR points per quarter$5.00Being tardy$1.00
Earning 11-20 AR points per quarter$10.00Stop and Think$2.00
Earning 21 + AR points per quarter$20.00Office referral$5.00
Weekly Salary$10.00
Earn at least $12.00 each week to attend Fun Friday
Store is open during Fun Friday.
Items for Sale
Sticker$1.00Play claw machine with candy prize$42.00
Baseball cards$4.00Finger puppet kit$48.00
Bubbles$6.00Get out of assignment ticket$49.00
Jewelry$8.00Mystery bag$50.00
Eraser$9.00Design an eraser$52.00
Pencil$12.00Chew gum in class.$54.00
Bookmark$14.00Lunch with friend and teacher.$56.00
Plastic Animals$16.00Color your own hat$60.00
Small Notepad$20.00Drink juice in class.$63.00
Mood pen$21.00Treat with teacher$64.00
Extra computer time$25.00Nail polish$70.00
Make a button$27.00Desk Magnet Toy$72.00
Large Notebook$28.00Book$80.00
Make a necklace/bracelet$30.00Create a greeting card$81.00
Playdough$32.00Sit at teachers desk for half the day$90.00
Fruit Snacks$35.00Bring pet to school$100.00
Get out of class to help in pre school$40.00